Migrate Native to SQL

1. On the NAV native db, import the object migrate.fob.

2. Locate and run the codeunit 104010 - Create Field Checking Code. 
Running the above routine generates a file on the root c:\ drive of the computer.   Þurfti að fara í Design og breyta í undir möppu t.d c;/mappa/
The file generated is called fieldchk.txt.

3. Import the file fieldchk.txt as an object(fara í skrá-import og velja svo navision Object Files and text files). It will import as codeunit 104015 - Field Check. 
Compile this codeunit by pressing F11 or selecting Tools -> Compile from the menu.

4. Run the codeunit 104015 - Field Check. 
The system will then search all date and datetime fields in the database for invalid dates. 
After it has completed, it will display the results in a form along with suggested corrections. 
Check the suggested dates since they will rarely be suitable alternatives, changing as appropriate.

5. Once all the suggested dates have been entered, close the form. 
It will prompt you to save, at which point you should click yes, to save and close the form.
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